About S&T Properties

Why We Do It

Our Story

It was 2015 and Alberta’s economic downturn was just beginning when Svet and Tina Pargov lost their long-term tenant. Saddled with an empty home in downtown Calgary, they decided to try listing it on Airbnb in hopes of covering some of their fixed expenses. They realized that with the right systems in place and with the right marketing strategies, they could help other struggling property owners improve their occupancy rates. S&T Properties was born. Svet and Tina’s entrepreneurial drive and industry experience have made them the go-to property management company for vacation rentals.

Our Ethos

At S&T Properties, we consider it an honour and privilege to host guests from around the world in beautiful, well-maintained spaces. We take pride in taking care of our guests and your vacation property. Our services range from 24/7 guest communication to property maintenance and marketing. If you’re looking to invest in a vacation property, we can help you find a profitable investment that we can manage on your behalf. Learn more about our full range of services.

Why We Do It

Svet and Tina built S&T Properties on the belief that time is precious. It’s the one commodity we never get back and only have a finite amount of. They want to help investors create space to enjoy their lives, make memories with their families and pursue hobbies they’re passionate about. 

As investors themselves, parents and busy entrepreneurs, they know first-hand how important it is to be present. They look forward to raising Emilia as a future CEO who will expand S&T Properties into a global solution for homeowners, investors and vacation-seekers.

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How much could my property earn?

See how much money you could earn with S&T Properties. We’ll crunch the numbers and provide you with an estimated yearly cashflow that reflects your home’s size, location and amenities.