S & T Vacation rental

Property Management team


Svet Pargov

Svet has a passion for optimizing, whether that’s a return on investments, occupancy rates, or search ranking. His background as an accountant makes him a numbers guy who’s always looking to improve efficiencies for investors and his company.

Svet strives for perfection and has the highest standards for his business and investor relations.


Tina Pargova

Tina has a strong eye for detail and a love for smooth operations. She specializes in creating lasting vacation memories for guests while helping investors get the highest returns on their investments.

Tina’s Master’s degree in marketing has helped create a unique guest experience for S&T Properties that provides a winning outcome for guests and investors.

The Dream Team

S&T Properties wouldn’t be possible without the help of our dedicated staff.

Carlos Vargas

Shift Manager / Day

Carlos goes out of his way to help team mates and guests, and is always trying to learn new skills. Carlos graduated from The Central America University in Managua, and has used his degree to seek out new challenges. 

Maicah Valdez

Shift Manager / Night

Maicah strives to exceed guest expectations with quality care and ongoing support.She loves creating and building new ways to improve guest experiences through quality control, system implementation, and listening to feedback. 

Erling Vallejos

Assistant Shift Manager / Day

Passionate at what he does. Promotes critical thinking and solutions that are tailored according to the market needs. Solid  customer and client relationships that creates added value.

Arveelyn Enriquez

Assistant Shift Manager / Night

Arvee prides herself on her communication skills and strives to achieve an outstanding customer experience. She’s currently pursuing a degree in Multimedia Studies at the University of the Philippines Open University. 

Kennedy Deren

Key Accounts Manager

Kennedy is a graduate of Quest University Canada and is currently pursuing her project management professional designation. She has over 4 years of experience working in B2B & B2C marketing, business administration, and project management. 

Erica Teovisio

Key Accounts Manager

Erica finished a BS in Tourism Management as Cum Laude. She is an enthusiastic person who enjoys taking on new challenges. With a strong passion for travel and a deep understanding of the Hospitality industry she is here to help you with any of your guest service needs. 

Otto Huelva

Project Manager

Otto Huelva fuels his daily work with commitment, self-discipline, always being analytical about any complex challenge that may appear in the different projects that manage. His main objective is to deliver results being efficient with the resources that are available. Ownership, proactiveness, and being a team player are his main characteristics as a professional.

Shawn D. Clair

Project Specialist

Shawn drives excellence in project management by crafting impactful insights and action plans and leveraging tools to streamline processes. He is passionate about efficiency and learning new concepts every day.

Carlos Kauffman

Cleaner Manager

Carlos is a team player. With experience in customer service since 2014 and a background in tech support, he always tries to find the best and most creative solutions to different situations. He is always positive and tries to reinforce the relationship with all the people he deals with.

Daryl Raudez

Cleaning Specialist

As an Industrial Engineer, Daryl is an analytical, detail-oriented and resourceful person who proactively finds solutions for process optimization. He loves travelling and learning new experiences. Daryl is very supportive of his team members and does so by creating a great work environment for everyone.

Jeri Moreno

Assistant Shift Manager / Maintenance

Jeri is a hands-on passionate individual. He prides himself on being a genuine team player and loves to support others in different areas of the business. He graduated from Law School and has over 10 years of experience in the BPO industry.

Dhang Reyes

Maintenance Specialist

Dhang completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and possesses over 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Her passion is providing exceptional customer service and ensuring superb customer experience. Dhang’s enthusiasm and expertise contribute to positive interactions and satisfaction.

Andres Zeledon

Maintenance Specialist

Andres has a degree in Business Administration and over 10 years of experience in customer service. He is passionate about supporting his teammates and is always striving to achieve system optimization.

Sabrina Chavarria

Special Projects Specialist

Sabrina is a graduate of The American University in Managua.  She is a positive person who loves to travel and meet new people. She has over 3 years of experience working in customer service. Sabrina’s goal is to always continue to learn new skills.

Karizza Littaua

Process Specialist

Izza has the ultimate “can do” attitude and positivity in performing her tasks. Her years of experience in the industry and her excellent communication skills are the perfect combination in delivering exceptional customer service.

Ximena Cruz

Pricing Specialist

With more than ten years of proficiency in the dynamic field of the tourism industry, Ximena boasts a versatile skill set spanning revenue management, pricing strategies, sales, and operations. Guided by a holistic perspective, her strategic decision-making reflects a fusion of analytical prowess and unwavering passion, establishing her as a devoted optimizer.

Nicole Hernandez

Resolution Case Specialist

Over the past 8 years, Nicole has worked in the outsourcing, BPO and Travel industry. These experiences reinforced her courage, respect, compassion, and resilience as a leader and as a person. Her daily devotion as a Resolution Case Specialist within the company is admirable.

Krizia Mae Espanol

Q/A Specialist

Krizia is a graduate of Bachelor’s of Science in Tourism at St. Paul University Manila Philippines. Her flexibility in the job is one of her best skills. Her passion is to travel and explore the world!

Marcelito Pacaldo


Philippine-based CPA and MBA graduate with a passion for both the great outdoors and meticulous number-crunching. Dedicated to precision and excellence, blending financial expertise with a zest for adventure.

Mariz At-at


Mariz is a CPA with over 9 years of work experience in bookkeeping and financial reporting. She is organized, detail-oriented, and persistent in achieving her goals and tasks. Her passion is to implement process improvements and streamline accounting activities.

Henry Huyhn


Henry melds analytical precision with creative insight. His expertise shapes robust code into elegant solutions, navigating complex challenges with grace. As a mentor, Henry’s dedication not only advances technology but also inspires his team to strive for excellence in every line of code.

Camille Gailloux

HR Coordinator

Camille graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce and a major in organizational behaviour and human resources. She uses her creativity, problem-solving abilities and passion for efficiency to support her team members daily.

Nicki Brown

Performance Coach

Nicki is passionate about helping people become their best. Nicki has certifications in life and health coaching and a background working in tech, in a high-growth startup environment. She loves continuously expanding her skillset and helping improve company performance by helping improve the well-being of the employees.

How much could my property earn?

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