FAQ: AirBnB & Vacation Property Management

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. If you still need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 (587) 983-6164

Our arrangement mirrors a long-term rental arrangement. S&T Properties is responsible for any damages caused by guests, and owners are responsible for any damages caused by normal wear-and-tear.

Through our booking platform, S&T Properties has $1 Million liability insurance and $1 Million content insurance to cover guest damages. Owners should have their own separate non-commercial homeowners insurance. That insurance is meant to cover damages not caused by guests –  for example, a neighbours’ leak into your unit.

Yes, units will need to be furnished, but S&T Properties can organize the furnishings for any unfurnished units with the skilled eye of our interior decorator. S&T Properties can also organize and complete any renovations needed. We work with owners on a case-by-case basis to determine furnishings and renovations.

We take on any units where we believe we can offer you a better deal than a long term tenant or the competition!

At S&T Properties, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. While we have general standards for quality, each unit is uniquely tailored to create a delightful guest experience. Our team of interior decorators and renovators source furnishings and materials that are high quality and memorable. 

We’re flexible and can pro-rate the annual rent based on the number of days you choose to use the property. The details of this will be established in the contract when you start working with us.

When you get paid will be outlined in your contract with S&T Properties and will depend on whether you’ve chosen the fixed or percentage management model. For the fixed model, you’ll get paid on the last day of the month, while for the percentage model, you’ll be getting paid on the 15th of the following month. Once you’ve signed a contract with S&T Properties, we’ll collect your direct deposit information under both models. You’ll get paid over direct deposit depending on your bank and these transactions can take up to 72 hours to clear.

Yes, we do manage executive rentals. Executive rentals are fully furnished rentals that have a minimum of 28 days stay or whatever your strata zoning or condo board requires. At this point, we are only operating executive rentals under the percentage management model.

Yes, we have 20 full-time cleaners and 2 full-time handymen that work exclusively with S&T Properties.

We currently operate in several different markets including Canmore, Whistler, Toronto, Kelowna, Calgary, Golden, the Columbia Valley, as well as in Idaho.

At S&T Properties, we call ourselves “platform agnostic”, as we’re not tied to using any specific platform to advertise our properties. With the recent market trends, the vast majority of travelers are booking through Airbnb and have therefore chosen to focus our marketing efforts on the Airbnb platform.

How much could my property earn?

See how much money you could earn with S&T Properties. We’ll crunch the numbers and provide you with an estimated yearly cashflow that reflects your home’s size, location and amenities.