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Full-Service Airbnb Interior Design

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Professional design services to maximize the revenue of your Airbnb property

Maximizing your Airbnb’s revenue is about the details.

One under appreciated element is the interior decor. It’s so often overlooked with owners often keeping the existing decor or using old decor without giving it a second thought.

A guest’s first impression is always the photos and part of what makes the photography great is the furniture, decor and artwork.

Our interior design team can help elevate a property’s revenue, while keeping costs down.


Curated Design to Maximize Revenue

  • With data from hundreds of properties we can help you select the proper furniture and decor to maximize your return on investment.


  • Our interior designers have been through this process hundreds of times. They know which items deserve a bigger portion of the budget.


  • Our team will carefully catalog which items are missing and which items need to be replaced and provide a detailed project plan.
airbnb living room interior
sofa and coffee table airbnb

Project Management Expertise to Minimize Unavailability

  • Every day your unit cannot be rented is a day you miss out on revenue. We work quickly and efficiently to get your unit setup.

  • Our recommendations are always accompanied by a detailed plan including project timeline and price on a per item basis.


  • Our project managers will catalog all of the units furniture, decor and essentials. We will then provide recommendations based on items that are missing or that should be replaced.

Professional Photography to Make a Unit Stand Out

  • In any given market there are thousands of units on Airbnb. Professionally staged properties accompanied with professional photography will help your unit stand out.
  • We provide professional, high-quality edited photos.

  • Examples of our stunning  photography can be found throughout this website.
living room and balcony view airbnb
Bridgeland Calgary Rockstar Condo

Professional Renovations

  • If you need to upgrade your existing unit we can help. We have dozens of contractors that we’ve worked with and can help you to get necessary renovations completed.

  • Like our interior design services, our goal is to help you see the best possible return on your investment.

Custom Renovations

  • Onsite expert interior designer
  • Sourcing and staging of furniture and accessories 
  • Regular updates and maintenance to decor
  • Option for custom renovations with a team of curated experts
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How much could my property earn?

See how much money you could earn with S&T Properties Vacation Rental Management. We’ll crunch the numbers and provide you with an estimated yearly cash flow that reflects your rental property’s size, location, and amenities.