Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

To take your Airbnb property from good to great, you must make sure to include all the kitchen essentials your guests need. From the proper appliances to extra goodies like spices or non-perishable cooking items, there are all sorts of excellent options to consider adding to your Airbnb kitchen.

In this Airbnb Kitchen Essentials checklist, we will take you through 5 key categories of items for your property’s kitchen: basic kitchen appliances, basic kitchen items, supplies for washing up, cooking supplies, and additional miscellaneous kitchen supplies.

Keep reading to learn about more than 28 different items that you should have in your Airbnb kitchen to earn those valued 5-star ratings. Stick around until the end to receive a downloadable copy of this list!

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials: Basic Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are crucial to have in a full Airbnb property, such as a house or condo. The essential appliances that are absolute must-haves include:

Stovetop & Oven

Many guests choose to rent through Airbnb rather than through hotel services because they want the option to cook their own meals rather than eating out at restaurants. As such, having a functioning oven and stovetop is key.

Avoid open-flame stovetops when possible, as this can present unnecessary safety and damage risks. Additionally, always leave an instruction manual handy with clear directions on how to use the oven – every oven is different, after all!

Fridge and Freezer

Your Airbnb guests need more than just an oven for cooking – they also need a fridge and freezer for storing perishable items! Even the most basic Airbnb rentals will often offer their guests fridges or mini-fridges for food storage.

For Airbnb properties that are available for long-term rental, having a separate, larger freezer apart from the refrigerator may be a good option for guests who meal prep. Make sure to set clear rules and expectations for fridge and freezer cleaning upon check out.


A kitchen sink is an utter necessity and there are no circumstances in which an Airbnb with a kitchen should not have a kitchen sink.

Not only will your guests wash their hands and produce here, but this is also where they will go to do dishes if the property does not have a dishwasher. It may also be beneficial to keep drain cleaner on hand or even install a sink disposal system to keep drains clear and operating properly.

Coffee Maker

If you are or have ever met a coffee lover, you know that having that morning cup o’ joe is non-negotiable.

A Keurig is your easiest option for including a coffee maker in your Airbnb. These devices minimize messes made with traditional brewers that use filters and produce entire pots of coffee. Plus, it makes it all the easier to offer your guests free coffee with their stay!

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials: Basic Kitchen Items

Moving on from the basic kitchen appliances, let’s now examine the basic kitchen items that any good Airbnb kitchen should have.

These essential items include:


Knives, forks, and spoons – oh, my!

Your Airbnb should be stocked with all the necessary cutlery for eating and dining. Along with the standard knife, fork, and spoon trio, you should also consider adding a variety of cutting and serrated knives for your more culinary guests to utilize.

Cups & Dishes

What’s a proper kitchen supply cabinet without a set of matching dishware? Not only should you ensure your Airbnb has ample amounts of plates, bowls, glasses, and cups, but you should aim to have matching or complementary sets.

By paying attention to detail and aesthetics like this, you create a more welcoming environment that your guests will love and remember.

Wine & Bottle Openers

Airbnb rentals are the perfect place for romantic getaways, friend gatherings, and family reunions – and what do all these events have in common? Well, there’s normally beer and wine involved, of course!

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting settled into Airbnb and going to open a bottle of wine or a cold brew only to discover there are no wine or bottle openers on site. Even more frustrating is knowing they are there but being unable to find them!

Keep a handy two-in-one wine and bottle opener onsite for your guests to use as they please – and make sure to indicate where this item is stored.

Coffee & Tea

Though ground coffee and tea bags are not immortal, they do have extraordinarily long shelf lives. As such, these make for great non-perishable items to stock your Airbnb kitchen with!

For coffee, it is recommended to go with a Keurig machine and Keurig cups, as this is generally considered more sanitary than loose, scoopable coffee. Teabags should be kept in their original boxes or in air-tight containers to retain as much freshness as possible.

Fire Extinguisher

Not only is a fire extinguisher a necessity to have for the safety of your guests, but it is also a legal requirement for rental properties in many locations.

To make your Airbnb as safe as possible for your guests, clearly mark where the extinguisher is kept, how to use it, and mark all exits in case of emergencies. For larger properties with 2+ stories, it may also be wise to include clearly labeled maps with fire escape routes for guests to view.

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials: Supplies for Washing Up

Keeping an Airbnb clean can be quite an enormous task. Luckily, many guests on the rental platform tend to be polite and courteous in order to keep their guest ratings high.

As a result, you can ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of your Airbnb by keeping a solid supply of cleaning items stocked in the property. Plus, this will be majorly helpful for guests as well when they need to do the dishes and clean up after meals.

Here are the essential items for washing up to keep in your Airbnb:

Dish Towels

Dish towels are useful for many tasks, from wiping up messes to pulling hot dishes and pans from the oven. Make sure when you buy dish towels that you pay attention to the materials, ensuring they are heat-safe and durable.

Additionally, you can add an extra element of décor to your Airbnb kitchen by purchasing decorative dish towels with colors and designs that match your property’s overall theme.

Paper Towels

For heavier duty messes, paper towels are always a good item to have on hand in an Airbnb. These are good not only for wiping down big spills but also for using as napkins during mealtime.

If you have chosen to forego paper towels in the name of environmental friendliness, make sure you have an adequate amount of dish towels and micro-fiber cloths available for your guests to use instead. Which option you choose, make note of where replacements are kept within the property for your guest’s convenience.

Drying Rack & Mat

If your guests are cooking meals then they are also likely doing dishes! As such, it is important to provide a designated drying rack and mat to catch excess moisture.

Even if you have a dishwasher, dishes can sometimes remain wet when confined within an enclosed space. Thus, having a drying rack and mat ensures your guests have a place to dry dishes that are still wet after washing or that were too big to fit in the washer in the first place.

Dish Liquid & Sponges

Along with a drying rack and mat, it is also crucial to provide dish soap and sponges for your guests. This makes it possible to wash the dishes at any time, even in situations where an onsite dishwasher may be out of order.

When picking out your dish liquid, make sure it is bacteria and grease-fighting for maximum sanitation. Additionally, you should provide other liquid soaps besides dish liquid for guests to wash their hands with to avoid any unnecessary dried-out skin.  

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials: Cooking Supplies

You have the appliances and necessary kitchen items to set up for and clean up after cooking – but what about actual cooking supplies?

Here are the essential cooking supply items we offer in Airbnb’s we manage:

Knives & Cutting Board

Nothing beats a quality knife set and cutting board when cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen. Not only will sharp, high-quality knives impress your guests but they will also help protect against kitchen accidents that can be caused by dull blades.

As for the cutting board, you want to purchase one that is as non-porous as possible, such as a stone board. These types of cutting boards are regarded as more hygienic, as they will not absorb bacteria or become warped over time.

Basic Cooking Utensils

Cooking is next to impossible without the right basic set of utensils. These include a spatula, a set of tongs, a ladle, a whisk, a peeler, and a can opener. Other good cooking utensils to include in your Airbnb kitchen include a pasta server, a cheese grater, a pizza cutter, a garlic crusher, and a meat tenderizer.

Cooking utensils are also a great item to get guest feedback on, so feel free to ask your guests if there are any utensils they wish you had!

Oven Pans

Oven-safe pans are essential for cooking, as many people like to make dishes that can last them their entire stay. At minimum, you should include a cookie sheet and casserole dish in your Airbnb kitchen.

For additional oven pans, consider offering a cake pan and a variety of different sized and shaped square pans.

Oven Mitts & Hot Pads

Oven safety is key – and to achieve it, you need high-quality oven mitts and hot pads. Oven mitts are essential for protecting your guests’ hands, while hot pads are essential for protecting delicate surfaces, like wood or plastic tabletops.

Thick cotton is generally considered the best type of exterior fabric for oven mitts, so search for mitts that offer this type of layering.

Pots and Pans

There are so many different types of pots and pans to choose from, each with a different purpose and level of usefulness.

In your Airbnb kitchen, you should strive to include a variety of different pots and pans including a large frying pan, a pan with a cover, a pasta pot, and a dutch oven.

Mixing Bowls & Strainers

Mixing bowls often come in sets of 3 or more, making them easy to buy in bulk for your Airbnb kitchen. Guests are likely to need these bowls for all sorts of reasons – including mixing deserts and making fancy dinners!

As for strainers, these items are total necessities not just for draining pasta but also for washing and straining fresh produce and meats. Keep a large and small size strainer on hand and make sure they are dishwasher safe if you have this appliance available.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

If you have ever cooked a complicated or extensive meal, you know how important it is to get the measurements right. This is equally true for your guests, who will likely appreciate a quality measuring cup and range of measuring spoons.

For the measuring cup, a glass or plastic-based cup that can hold at least 2 cups of liquid is recommended. For the measuring spoons, you should have at least a tablespoon, teaspoon, half teaspoon, quarter teaspoon, and eighth teaspoon available.

Airbnb Kitchen Essentials: Great Additional Airbnb Kitchen Supplies

For this last category of supplies, we have several items that – although optional – can help take your Airbnb kitchen above and beyond your guests’ expectations.

These items include:


Dishwashers are a topic of debate among Airbnb owners, as they can be easily damaged and costly to repair. Nonetheless, having this appliance available to your guests makes cleaning up much easier, as well as simplifying the turnover cleaning process after guests have departed.


A toaster is a fairly inexpensive item that can make a world of difference when cooking. Your guests can easily make toast, bagels, and more with a quality toaster at their disposal. Make sure to purchase one with a removable or openable bottom to clean out crumbs.


Many Airbnb guests will opt for microwavable dinners to keep things simple – but this is only possible if you have a microwave to offer! Additionally, a microwave can take place of a traditional oven in super small Airbnbs, like tiny homes or glamping tents.

Electric Kettle

Make your tea-loving guests’ lives easy with an electric water kettle. Like the microwave, this item can sub in for a traditional stovetop for heating a kettle in properties that are too small to house an oven.

Wine Glasses

Along with your standard set of cups and glasses, offering wine glasses can delight and charm your wine-loving guests. If possible, invest in durable glasses made from shatterproof materials like Tritan.

Salt & Pepper

Though it may be a bit pricey to include an entire array of spices for your guests, you should at least include salt and pepper for them to enjoy and use in their meals. These spices form the foundation of most cooking recipes, and your guests will love you for providing them!

Coffee Creamer & Sugar

Powdered coffee creamers and packaged sugars are non-perishable and perfect for creating a cute and cozy coffee corner. Plus, coffee-lovers will rejoice at not having to make extra trips to the store for their coffee mix-in needs.

Oil & Vinegar

Like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar are essential and non-perishable items used in cooking. Having these items on hand will prevent your guests from having to buy large bottles of either product that they will end up not using very much of.

Download the Airbnb Kitchen Essentials Checklist

Want to take this checklist with you on your Airbnb kitchen shopping adventure? Download this free version of the checklist today: Download Airbnb Kitchen Essentials Checklist

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