Canmore Camping: The Top 9 Canmore Camp Spots

The vast beauty of the Alberta Rocky Mountains leaves many speechless and keeps visitors coming back for more. Camping under the vibrant Canadian sky, surrounded by majestic mountains, is an unforgettable experience, and no place does it better than Canmore. Discover the essence of pure Canadian wilderness through the lens of Canmore camping in this guide, as we spotlight the top 9 must-visit camping spots in the region.

Essential Tips for Camping in Canmore 

To make your camping adventure in Canmore unforgettable, it’s essential to prepare thoroughly. Two fundamental aspects to consider are the Kananaskis Conservation Pass and Canmore’s bear population.

Understanding the Kananaskis Conservation Pass 

Before immersing yourself in the beauty of Canmore’s camping sites, acquiring the Kananaskis Conservation Pass is a must. This pass is a ticket to exploring the county’s untamed wilderness, available online for easy access. Options range from a one-day pass for $15 to an annual pass for $90, catering to both quick getaways and year-round explorations.

Prepare For Bears In Canmore

When camping in Canmore, it is important to keep in mind that bears are not uncommon in Canada. In fact, Canada is considered to have the largest population of bears. It’s not uncommon to come across polar bears and grizzly bears in various areas of the country. 

There are a couple of tips that can be taken into consideration to ensure you are prepared for bears while camping in Canmore:

  • Always make sure you are completely aware of your surroundings
  • Use bear-proof containers and cooler bags to store food, as well as waste
  • Avoid leaving food open during the night
  • Don’t attempt to approach a bear if you see one. Rather back away at a very slow pace. 

Some people also find that it’s useful to make a noise if you spot a bear. Additionally, while hiking on trails that are close to these campgrounds, try to make noise. This can help to ensure the bear knows you are present in the area. 

The Top 9 Canmore Camping Spots 

Here, we present 9 of the best camping spots in Canmore, each showcasing the distinctive charm of Alberta’s natural beauty.

Wapiti Campground Canmore 

The first camping spot on our list is the Wapiti Campground in Canmore. This spot is located in the Canadian Rockies area and offers a close view of the Three Sisters Mountains. There are several recreational activities and other enjoyable features available at the campground and in a close perimeter. 

The campground is close to multiple golf courses for those who are enthusiastic about the sport. There are also fishing options available, but you’ll need to bring your own gear, so keep this in mind. For those who want to keep active, there are cycling roads and hiking trails available too. The more adventurous camper can also make use of the mountain climbing spots that are nearby. 

Spring Creek RV Park Canmore 

Next up is Spring Creek RV Park in Canmore. This is a parking area for people who prefer to camp in their RVs. It’s close to Grassi Lakes, Ha Ling Peak, and the Canmore Nordic Centre. The large area of this park ensures multiple RVs are able to park and enjoy the views, as well as activities, in the surrounding areas. 

The RV park is open from May until October, making it the perfect getaway spot for summer camping. You can also opt for a power service to ensure you can use electrics while you are camping spots, with power options ranging from 15 to 50 amps. The spot is about 10 minutes away from Main Street too. 

Rundle Mountain RV Park Canmore 

Camping in Canmore with an RV is easy when you take a look at a spot like Rundle Mountain RV Park. The park works with reservations, so there’s no need to worry about not getting a parking spot for your RV upon arrival. 

There is a main fire pit, as well as individual pits, available. You can also opt for daily, weekly, or even monthly packages. The entire park is family-oriented and even pet friendly. This means the Rundle RV Park Canmore is a great choice for different types of camping activities that you might be planning. 

Bow River Campground Canmore 

Another good spot is the Bow River Campground, situated close to Bow River. The site offers magnificent views. There are camping spots, as well as parking areas for RVs, giving you more versatility. 

You can access hiking and biking trails. There are also water activities, including rafting, paddleboarding, and canoeing. This makes it a great choice for people who enjoy adventure while camping in Canmore. 

Three Sisters Campground Canmore 

The Three Sisters Campground is actually located within the Bow Valley Provincial Park. The park has 36 spots available that can be used for either a tent or an RV. This particular park sits next to Bow River, giving you easy access to water-related activities. 

For active individuals who want to explore nature, there are hiking trails available. You can also enjoy paddling, as well as fishing, if those are rather your virtues. Of course, at the Three Sisters Canmore Campground, you can also get an iconic view of the popular three sisters mountains. While it’s not the biggest campground in the Canmore camping space, it does help to ensure campers get a pleasant experience. 

Bow Valley Campground Canmore 

If you enjoy the views of Bow Valley, especially with the mountains surrounding you, then the Bow Valley Campground is also a good choice. It’s situated about 30km away from Canmore and is easy to spot. There are several sites available, as well as amenities like access to water and electricity.

Walk-in options mean you do not have to make a reservation beforehand. The campground offers bike rentals, a playground for kids, and it’s easy to get access to a shower at this particular Canmore camping spot. 

Willow Rock Campground 

For those who are looking for a more open area where they can sit down and enjoy themselves, Willow Rock Campground might be a good choice. It has a gravel-type pad with a total of 158 sites for campers. RV and tent options are welcome at this camping spot. 

It’s easy to get access to Willow Rock Campground from the Trans Canada Highway. The wide roads also make it suitable for some of the larger RVs. Due to the large region of various sites at the campground, this is also a suitable choice when you want to go on a camping trip with a group of friends. 


Canmore, although a small town, is a vast treasure trove of wilderness, offering visitors a multitude of camping spots to suit varied preferences. From the mountainous landscapes to the tranquil riverside, each site offers a unique slice of Canmore’s natural beauty. So pack your bags and set off on your Canmore camping adventure.

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