Canmore Wedding Venues: Where To Get Married In Canmore

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With towering peaks, stunning views, and fresh mountain air, Canmore makes the perfect wedding destination for any happy couple. 

Not only does Canmore have some of the most idyllic wedding backdrops in all of Canada but it also has many wonderful wedding venues for both outdoor and indoor ceremonies. Each of these venues has a lot to offer, both in terms of venue space and package deals.

In this article, we will explore 8 of Canmore’s best wedding venues, including both indoor and outdoor options. Keep reading to learn all about hosting a wedding in Canmore!

Canmore Outdoor Wedding Venues

It’s hard to not want an outdoor wedding in Canmore — after all, nothing beats having your first kiss as a married couple in front of the iconic Rocky Mountains.

Here are four fantastic venues that offer outdoor ceremonies: 

Silvertip Resort 

With breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, Silvertip Resort offers an idealistic setting for any outdoor wedding in Canmore. 

For an outdoor wedding at Silvertip Resort, your main option is The Gazebo — an outdoor gazebo set against the backdrop of the mountains that is available from May through September. This is the preferable time to host a wedding in Canmore, as winter weather and temperatures in this region can make outdoor weddings in the winter more difficult to plan for. 

However, if you plan on having an outdoor wedding in Canmore during the winter, you can alternatively rent the Three Sisters Patio, which is available from October through April and includes a hot chocolate bar. 

Pricing & Capacity

In terms of reception capacity, the largest room available at Silvertip Resort (called The Pavilion) offers a 3,344 sq. ft. banquet space for receptions that can accommodate up to 180 guests. Silvertip also offers smaller rooms if you plan on having a small reception, including The Sinclair Room (120 max capacity, 920 sq. ft.) and the Upper Stoney’s room (36 max capacity, 930 sq. ft.).

With your banquet room rental, you also receive standard banquet tables, banquet chairs, white or black table cloths, napkins, cutlery, glassware, a dance floor, a cocktail reception area, and a small outdoor patio. You can view all of these rooms and go on a 3D virtual tour on the Silvertip Resort wedding facilities webpage.

As for pricing, Silvertip Resort does not list its pricing rates directly on the website. Instead, to learn about pricing and availability, you must call the venue at (403) 678-1604 or email them at [email protected]

Package Deals

For events hosted at Silvertip Resort, the resort offers various packages that can include food and beverages, transportation, and accommodations. If you are interested in a wedding package deal, make sure to inquire about the available packages when contacting the resort. 

Silvertip Resort Gazebo


Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club 

The Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club is an incredible location for hosting a wedding, as it offers views of the Three Sisters, Cascade, Pigeon, and Ha Ling Mountains. This venue can host boutique-style weddings that are perfect for more intimate events with close family and friends. 

Stewart Creek has the capacity to host both ceremonies and receptions. For outdoor ceremonies, Stewart Creek provides a ceremonial space that is available year-round. With an outdoor ceremony booking, you also receive 80 folding chairs, patio heaters, string lights, and tent access.

Additionally, as Stewart Creek is a golf course first, the availability of the clubhouse depends on whether or not it is golfing season. During golf season, wedding guests cannot enter the clubhouse until after 5 p.m. If you do plan on hosting your wedding during the off-season, you can wait on deciding between having an indoor or outdoor wedding up to 9 a.m. on the day before your ceremony. 

Pricing & Capacity

The pricing for a wedding at Stewart Creek can vary, as the price of various wedding packages changes from year to year. For the year 2022, the ceremony fee is $750 if booked alongside a reception or $1,500 if booked as a standalone ceremony. For 2023, the ceremony fee is $1,000 with a reception or $2,000 for a standalone ceremony. 

Pricing for receptions is not listed in the official Stewart Creek wedding guides. For more information on total pricing, get in touch with one of Stewart Creek’s wedding team members:

As for the capacity at Stewart Creek, the venue’s wedding guides state that up to 80 guests can be accommodated at this location.

Package Deals

Stewart Creek offers extensive package deals for weddings that include options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. 

If you select the package that includes both the ceremony and the reception, you also receive set-up services, a registry table, a guest book or décor table, a musician/DJ table, a wedding coordinator’s guidance, and a speaker to play your own music on. 

You can view the full wedding package guides for Stewart Creek here:

Stewart Creek Wedding Venue


Quarry Lake Park

Quarry Lake Park is a public park sponsored in partnership by the Rocky Mountain Heritage Foundation and the Town of Canmore. As the name suggests, this location overlooks the picturesque Quarry Lake, known for being one of Canmore’s most beloved outdoor recreation areas. 

You can book Quarry Lake Park up to one year in advance for your wedding ceremony. It is also important to note that Quarry Lake Park does not close to the general public when weddings are booked. This is a primarily outdoor venue, so you will need to plan accordingly for your reception.

In terms of amenities, Quarry Lake Park has public washrooms located nearby that are free for use for you and your wedding party.

Pricing & Capacity

Quarry Lake Park can accommodate up to 170 guests, though the website notes that this capacity can be changed according to current public health orders for outdoor gatherings.

On the Town of Canmore’s official website, it states that to host a wedding at this park you must obtain a rental permit. These permits are available for $300 + GST for a 3-hour ceremony for residents of Canmore or $600 + GST for a 3-hour ceremony for non-residents. 

Additionally, if you plan on filming your wedding, you will also need to obtain a film permit. Anyone involved in the planning or execution of your wedding (wedding planners, photographers, caterers, etc.) must also hold a valid business license. 

To learn more about this venue’s parking, amenities, and other planning details, visit the Town of Canmore’s webpage for weddings and scroll to the Frequently Asked Questions section towards the bottom of the page. 

Package Deals

There are currently no package deals available for weddings hosted at Quarry Lake Park. 

Quarry Lake Wedding


Rundleview Parkette 

Another outdoor wedding venue sponsored by the Town of Canmore is Rundleview Parkette. This venue is a smaller area located across the street from Quarry Lake and is more rustic, meaning there are no public washrooms or maintained facilities. 

Like Quarry Lake Park, many of the requirements are the same to host a wedding at this location. You will need a valid rental permit, as well as a film permit if you plan on filming the event. Plus, any additional staff at your wedding must have a valid business license. 

Filming fees are sometimes waived for wedding events, so make sure to contact the Town of Canmore before paying for a film permit. 

Pricing & Capacity

The capacity of Rundleview Parkette is a maximum of 50 guests, making this location ideal for couples wanting to have an intimate outdoor wedding. 

As for pricing, the permit pricing is the same as listed above in Quarry Lake Park’s pricing and capacity. 

Package Deals

There are currently no package deals available for weddings hosted at Rundleview Parkette. 

Rundleview Park Wedding, Canmore


Small Wedding Venues in Canmore

If you plan on having a smaller wedding and do not need as extensive space as the above four venues provide, then you may want to consider one of Canmore’s smaller wedding venues. 

Here are four more great wedding venue options for smaller events in Canmore: 

Cornerstone Weddings at the Canmore Nordic Centre

The Canmore Nordic Centre is known for being the go-to spot for events of all kinds, thanks to the venue’s idyllic indoor settings paired with the beautiful natural environment. 

Cornerstone Weddings offers several different venues for small weddings, including the Cornerstone Theatre, the Canmore Nordic Centre, and outdoor space for ceremony-only weddings. 

Although Cornerstone Weddings is a good choice when planning a small wedding, this company can also help to plan and accommodate larger weddings with up to 200 guests as well. 

Pricing & Capacity

As mentioned, Cornerstone Weddings offers two main venues, the Canmore Nordic Centre and the Cornerstone Theatre. 

At the Canmore Nordic Centre, the total guest capacity is a maximum of 80 people. The price to book this venue can have varying annual rates. For 2023, the price to book on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday is $3,650. All other days of the week are priced at $3,100. Cornerstone Theatre can host up to 200 guests maximum and prices can vary according to which package is selected. 

However, there are additional minimum charges for booking at these venues. You can view all the minimum charges, as well as book the venue of your choice, via the official Cornerstone Weddings brochure.

Package Deals

As a wedding-focused company, Cornerstone weddings offers very extensive packages that can include a variety of different services and accommodations. All ceremony packages include a personal wedding coordinator, rental chairs, a signing table, a PA system for music, and set-up services. 

Additionally, you can select from a variety of food and beverage packages. There is also a DJ package for a more lively dance floor at your event. 

Prices vary according to which services you select, so make sure to visit Cornerstone’s official website and check out the wedding brochures. 

Cornerstone Weddings at Canmore Nordic Centre


Creekside Villa Restaurants & Rooms

Creekside Villa Restaurants & Rooms is self-proclaimed as Canmore’s best kept secret, offering romantic comfort and accommodations for you and your guests. 

At this venue, there are multiple different indoor and outdoor spaces for you to choose from for where to host both your ceremony and reception. Additionally, this venue is also a boutique hotel, so your guests can stay right at this venue for extra convenience. 

Creekside Villa also offers a variety of catering services, including:

  • Buffets
  • Cocktail receptions
  • Desserts
  • Family style meals
  • Hors d’oeuvres 
  • Outside cakes 
  • Plated meals
  • Servers and waitstaff

Pricing & Capacity

The capacity of Creekside Villa is a maximum of 80 guests, making this venue perfect for small to mid-sized weddings. You can mix and match which rooms you want to use, as this venue gives you full access to its facilities when planning your wedding. The facility has a total of 2 event spaces and 12 hotel rooms. 

As far as pricing goes, it largely depends on when you book and how many guests you have. The base price for a reception site during peak season is $2,500 and the price for plated service is $78 per head. 

Check out the Creekside Villa listing on Wedding Wire to learn more or to reserve this venue. 

Package Deals

At Creekside Villa, you can opt for the full-service wedding package that includes all 12 hotel guest rooms, access to all ceremony sites, wedding coordination, complimentary breakfasts for overnight guests, and daily housekeeping. 

You can also select from a variety of catering packages as well, though pricing for these is not directly listed on the website.

To learn more about Creekside Villa’s package deals, visit their website and click “Email us now for your quote!” to get in touch with the wedding team. 

Creekside Villa Wedding venue


A Bear & Bison Inn 

A Bear and Bison Inn is a smaller wedding venue, ideal for very intimate ceremonies and receptions. 

Since this venue is also an inn, many of the wedding services include a variety of group packages that include guest rooms at the inn. You can reserve this venue for one, two, or three-day events, depending on what your wedding plans look like and if you need the additional accommodations. 

Pricing, Capacity, & Package Deals

At A Bear and Bison Inn, wedding events can host up to 60 guests at maximum. 

As for the pricing of packages, this can greatly vary according to which package you choose. You can even select an elopement option for just you and your soon-to-be spouse if that is what you would prefer. 

The one, two, and three-day packages include a long list of services, including the full use of the inn’s rooms, complimentary breakfasts, picnic lunches for the day of the wedding, onsite ceremonies with indoor backups, décor, set-up services, and so much more. 

To view all of the available packages and the services provided, visit the Bear and Bison Inn website

A Bear & Bison Inn – photo by Pam Doyle/

Canmore Miners’ Union Hall

For a Canmore wedding dipped in the rich history of the region, there’s no better venue than the Canmore Miners’ Union Hall

This venue offers a unique historical building as well as a range of different services to ensure your wedding is as perfect as you dreamed it to be. The venue has been fully renovated, making it a great and affordable choice for hosting a wedding in Canmore. 

Pricing, Capacity, & Package Deals

The capacity of Canmore Miners’ Union Hall is 100 maximum guests for dining or 150 maximum guests for a standing reception. As far as pricing, the best possible deal is the three-day two-night wedding package that provides full access to the facility, as well as additional services. 

When you reserve the Hall, it comes equipped with tables, cushioned folding chairs, a projection screen, and a podium. There is also a fully-stocked kitchen and bar. 

The price for a three-day wedding package at the Union Hall is $2,500, which includes a $500 non-refundable booking fee. There are special deals available for local residents. 

To learn more visit the website and submit an inquiry at the bottom of the page. 

Canmore Miners’ Union Hall


Final Thoughts: Start Your Marriage in the Beauty of Canmore

Your wedding ceremony and reception is the official start of your marriage — and what better way to begin your life with someone than in the gorgeous mountains of Canmore? 

If you are planning to host a wedding in Canmore, the eight venues we have discussed here offer a vast range of services, accommodations, package deals, and more. By selecting one of these venues, you can easily plan the wedding of your dreams with minimal stress.

We wish you the best of luck in your wedding planning journey and a long and happy marriage!

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