A Review Of Rocky Mountain Bagel Co in Canmore, AB

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Main Street

The Rocky Mountain Bagel Co has two locations in Canmore, one at 830 Main Street open daily 7am – 5pm, and the second at 1106 Bow Valley Trail open daily 6am – 4pm. On a Sunday afternoon, I visited their Main Street location to try out their menu. It was busy and it seemed that many had chosen this spot for a late lunch, and the friendly vibe and lively conversations makes it a perfect spot to enjoy a bagel. 

The online reviews feel like an accurate assessment, so I give them an overall rating of 4.5 bagels out of 5!

4.5/5 Stars
Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Indoor Seating

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co: A Menu That Features Impressive Flavors

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co has an extensive menu. I opted for the BCLT bagel with egg on a whole wheat bagel, accompanied by a chai latte. I asked the staff what pastry to try and they suggested the Nanaimo bar and a toffee cranberry cookie for dessert. 

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Menu

My order arrived promptly, and the BCLT bagel was a combination of perfectly toasted bagel, flavorful bacon, and free-range eggs. I wish they had melted the cheese to help prevent the bagel from falling apart while eating it. The overall taste was delicious and the chai latte, made with dairy milk, had just the right balance of spices.

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Bagel BCLT Bagel

The Nanaimo bar had a rich chocolatey coconut crumb base and custard filling. While I personally prefer a thicker layer of chocolate ganache on top, the Nanaimo bar was good. However, the real star of the show was the toffee cranberry cookie. Its generous size and chewy yet crumbly texture made it a must-try. I would highly recommend it, along with their equally delicious chocolate chip cookie.

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Nanaimo Bar and Toffee Cranberry Cookie

With an array of flavors, including jalapeno cheddar, rosemary sea salt, and cinnamon raisin, their handmade bagels are a delight. Customers can also purchase a bag of bagels to take home, with day-old options available at a reduced price. Surprisingly, even the day-old bagels maintained their freshness. The ‘everything’ and ‘jalapeno cheddar’ bagels were particularly popular options.

Beyond Just Bagels – Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Sells Baked Goods, Apparel and Cream Cheese

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. also offers other baked goods. From scones and cinnamon rolls to donuts and apple fritters, their in-house bakery has a wide variety of treats.  Additionally, they craft their own cream cheese, with flavors like roasted garlic & herb, and strawberry honey.

With comfortable seating, views of the Three Sisters mountain range, and background music, it has a warm and welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists.

Three Sisters Mountain Range

Three Sisters Mountain Range Courtesy of Travel Alberta

They also have an array of non-food items available for purchase ranging from branded loose-leaf tea to beanies, hats, and kitchen towels. If you want a different souvenir, you can also buy the mugs used to serve their coffee.

Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Beanies

Whether you’re a bagel lover or simply seeking a cozy cafe with delicious treats, I highly recommend paying a visit to Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. The online reviews feel like an accurate assessment and I give them an overall rating of 4.5 bagels out of 5!

4.5/5 Stars
Rocky Mountain Bagel Co Food Display

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