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Tank310 Canmore

Located at 310 Old Canmore Rd, Tank310 is one of Grizzly Paw’s four locations in Canmore. The original Grizzly Paw pub located in Downtown Canmore ‘The Paw’ opened in 1996 and is popular with visitors and locals. On the outskirts of the town is Tank310, Grizzly Paw’s main brewing site. 

Tank310 Canmore

The taproom is on the main floor and offers a full-service menu, a year-round patio with a fire pit, and a merchandise shop. Visitors can also purchase chilled cans or fill up their growlers to go enjoying draught beer, sodas, and canned cocktails.

The restaurant area is upstairs with views of the Three Sisters, Ha Ling Peak, and Mount Rundle. Unlike The Paw, Tank310 takes reservations, making it a convenient option for those planning a special outing.

View from Tank310 restaurant

Opening Hours

Monday – Tuesday: Closed.

Wednesday: 5pm – 9pm.

Thursday – Sunday: 12pm – 9pm.

Their Happy Hour is Mon-Fri 2-5pm serving Pizza and a Pint for $25

They have a rotating menu of seasonal brews and an interactive 25 min brewery tour available where you can follow the creation of their craft brews from start to finish that runs Friday-Sundays.

Tank310 offers more upscale dishes compared to other locations including rib eye, beef short rib, and carbonara, while the taproom and Main Street locations focus on pub-style fare. 

Tank310 Experience

We visited Tank310 at 12.30 pm on a Sunday and despite the restaurant opening at noon, it was already busy and nearly every table was occupied by 1.30 pm.

Tank310 restaurant entrance

The space is large and well-designed, with a variety of seating options including four-tops, long tables, and bar tables. The open-style kitchen allows diners to watch the chefs in action, and there’s also a wraparound balcony on the second floor with seating that opens in the summer, offering even more spectacular views.


While the atmosphere was lively and the music enjoyable, the service was a little slow. It took a while for our server to greet us and bring our drinks, and she seemed quite busy, resulting in delays with refills and settling the bill. However, the overall experience was pleasant, enhanced by the stunning scenery.

Our Tank310 Order

We ordered a variety of dishes to fully experience the diverse menu at Tank310: a Caesar salad, Cast Iron Baked Cheese, Beef Short Rib, and Yakitori Chicken Leg.

Tank310 Beef Short Rib, and Yakitori Chicken Leg

Caesar Salad: The Caesar salad was tasty and garnished with a pickle slice and lime wedge.

Cast Iron Baked Cheese: Recommended by our server as one of the more popular “small bites,” this had Fontina fondue, chili jam, garlic, rosemary, baguette crostini, and focaccia toast.

The cheese fondue was delicious but became slightly rubbery as it cooled quickly, so it’s best enjoyed promptly. The chili jam had a subtle kick that complemented the cheese well, and the focaccia crostini were crispy and flavorful, with hints of garlic.

Tank310 Cheese Fondue

Beef Short Rib: Smoked and braised Alberta short rib, star anise parsnip puree, duck fat potatoes, chili crisp tossed broccolini, and Thai dipping sauce. The short rib was tender with a well-seasoned crust, but the overall dish was a bit salty.

The portion size was generous, providing good value for the $50 price tag. The Thai dipping sauce added a great touch, though the parsnip puree was also slightly too salty.

Tank310 Beef Short Rib

Yakitori Chicken Leg: Ginger and chili coconut sweet potato mash, chili crisp tossed broccolini, duck fat potatoes, and pickled ginger garnished with sprouts. The chicken leg was perfectly cooked, with slightly crispy skin and moist meat. The sweet potato mash had delicious coconut notes. The broccolini had a slight char, adding a nice texture.

Tank310 Yakitori Chicken Leg

Menu Specials and Favouries

Handheld menu items come with a choice of Butternut & Blueberry Salad or Beet & Squash Soup, with Caesar Salad available for an extra $2. 

Among the most popular small bites are the Cast Iron Baked Cheese, Tank310 Chicken Wings, and Sticky Ribs. For handhelds, the Alberta Brisket Sandwich, featuring in-house 6 hour-smoked brisket, is a favorite.

Popular big bites include the Beef Short Rib and Yakitori Chicken Leg, while the Peck of Pickled Pepper Pizza is a forno favorite. 

They don’t serve fries and each menu item has a suggested beer pairing, and the drink menu includes local handcrafted sodas.

For more details on the menus, you can check out the Taproom Menu and the Main Street Menu.

Tank310 Menu

Tank310 Conclusion: A Must-Visit

Grizzly Paw offers two exceptional dining experiences in Canmore. Whether you prefer the classic pub ambiance at The Paw or the upscale, scenic dining at Tank310, both locations provide delicious food, great drinks, and stunning views. 

Despite some service delays, our visit to Tank310 was thoroughly enjoyable, and we look forward to returning to explore more of their menu and atmosphere. For a taste of Canmore’s best, Grizzly Paw is a must-visit.

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