How to Deal With Parties at your Rental Property

Allowing parties at your rental property to occur can become a serious financial and legal burden. If there’s a “kegger” on your property, the likelihood of damage, noise complaints, and injury can increase dramatically. There are a number of ways to help communicate clearly and ensure that your guests understand your expectations; those methods should focus on three key areas:

The Lease Agreement

Property Inspections

Clear Communication

In this article, S&T will explain what you can do to keep your rental property from becoming party central and drastically reduce the risk of damage, liability, and other costly issues.

Many property owners want to know what they can do to stop their rental from becoming party central. The fact is, not all parties at your rental property can be entirely prevented. 

Regardless of your ownership, without explicit written rules, the guest will have permission to use the property at will while in tenancy. This means they can, with reasonable limitations, have guests over to have a party.

The Rental Agreement

A smart owner will make sure there is a no-party clause in place and that the guest is aware of this before their arrival. As long as the agreement clearly states that the property is a no-party zone, the tenant must comply or face fines for failure to comply.

Property Inspections

Make sure that it is part of your business practice to have check-in and check-out inspections as allowed by law. These inspections will help ensure that you do not miss any damages and can hold the tenant responsible as needed for them. As a rule, S&T performs video inspections at the end of each clean to have video evidence of the unit once the cleaner is done, but before the guest has checked in. This allows us to keep track of damages and have a record in place in case sometime happens during the next guest stay. 

Clear Communication

If you make it clear in the rental process that you are open to discussing things, your guests will be more likely to approach you with their questions or plans. One of the S&T differences in this area is our implementation of NoiseAware – a monitoring device to ensure that quiet hours are respected at all times.

Clear communication goes a long way in a rental-guest relationship; be sure to contribute to making this relationship as strong as possible.

Here is a video outlining how our expert team at S&T help prevent both parties and noise issues:

Pro tip: Guest screening is the best way to protect yourself from incidents and parties at your rental suite from occurring. But not only that, by knowing exactly who’s booking your properties, you can actually increase your revenue and decrease wasted efforts. Guest screening allows you to remove booking restrictions and accept last-minute reservations from high-paying travelers. Not every down-to-the-wire reservation screams disaster—leniency paired with guest screening can open the doors to truly incredible guests. 

If you’re on the search for a full-service solution to this challenge and more, our experienced staff at S&T Property Management is ready to help!

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