The Best Airbnb Tools that All Hosts Need

Managing an Airbnb is no small feat — and successfully managing an Airbnb requires the right tools.

In today’s digital era, having the right software and tools at your disposal is essential for operating a profitable Airbnb business. Plus, the right tools can help you win returning customers and build an overall positive reputation among your Airbnb guests.

This guide provides a complete overview of several of the best tools and software for managing an Airbnb. We cover a wide range of tools to look into, including property management software, dynamic pricing tools, revenue projection tools, and more.

Keep reading to discover the key tools you need to add to your Airbnb toolbox! 

Airbnb Property Management Software 

Running an Airbnb business involves many moving parts. Whether you are a host for one or multiple Airbnb properties, having the right tools for automating guest communications and property management is crucial for simplifying your business operations. 

Here are three excellent property management software tools to add to your Airbnb repertoire:

1. Guesty for Hosts

Guesty for Hosts is an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that helps you streamline your property management across all channels. 

Key features offered by Guesty for Hosts include:

  • A central calendar for managing all listings
  • Automated guest communication
  • Team task coordination
  • Website building tools
  • Cleaning management
  • Financial reports

2. Hospitable

Hospitable offers vacation rental software that enables automated and personalized conversation features. You can notify your team about new tasks through Hospitable and synchronize your vacation rental calendar across all platforms, including Airbnb,, and VRBO. 

The Hospitable platform comes with many excellent features, including:

  • Guest communication and automated replies
  • Unified inbox 
  • Channel manager
  • Team collaboration and task management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Manual reservations
  • Direct booking websites
  • Double-booking protection
  • Pricing sync
  • Review management
  • Smart lock integrations

3. Uplisting

Uplisting is an all-in-one vacation rental management software and channel management system. Uplisting allows you to manage your Airbnb listings easily, message guests, accept payments, and prevent double bookings — along with so much more!

The key features of Uplisting include:

  • Multi-calendar
  • Unified inbox
  • Automated guest reviews
  • Security deposits
  • E-Sign rental agreements
  • Guest identity verification
  • Cleaning scheduler
  • Direct booking engine

Airbnb Dynamic Pricing Tools

Take the guesswork out of determining the best nightly rates for your Airbnb. Dynamic pricing tools use advanced technology that can help you adjust your pricing on a daily basis based on factors like current supply and demand. In turn, you can ensure your Airbnb is always priced fairly and competitively.

Check out these three great tools for simplifying your dynamic pricing process:

1. PriceLabs

PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing and revenue management tool that is compatible with Airbnb, VRBO, and other vacation rental platforms. Trusted by 1000s of vacation rental owners, PriceLabs offers the features you need to adjust your prices with precision. 

PriceLabs offers three essential tools for your pricing convenience:

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Market dashboards

2. Wheelhouse Software

Wheelhouse Software is designed to help hosts maximize revenue while minimizing effort. With Wheelhouse, you can enjoy a complete suite of revenue management products that give you peace of mind when automating daily prices for your Airbnb.

Features offered through Wheelhouse Software include:

  • Dynamic pricing
  • Comp sets to track and outperform competitors
  • Booking insights
  • Market insights
  • APIs for access pricing, comp sets, and more

3. Beyond

Beyond is a revenue management solution intended to support vacation rental owners as they grow their businesses. With a variety of tools for harnessing the power of consumer search data, Beyond has the capabilities you need to make smart decisions when pricing your Airbnb.

Features offered through Beyond include: 

  • Dynamic and automated pricing
  • Pro dynamic pricing including search-powered tools
  • Guidance from revenue management professionals
  • Performance and market data insights
  • Competition and search engine data
  • Direct booking website
  • Modernized payments
  • Channel management

Revenue Projection

Having a clear outlook on your current and future revenue is crucial, especially for brand-new Airbnb listings. With the right mix of tools, you can run revenue projections and neighborhood analyses to see the potential revenue each prospective property can generate.

The following two tools can help you predict your Airbnb revenue:

1. AirDNA

AirDNA is widely regarded as the top provider of short-term rental intelligence. Using data from Airbnb and VRBO, AirDNA analyzes over 10 million properties across 120,000 global markets to help you study your competition and neighborhoods with a high level of accuracy. 

Features offered through AirDNA include:

  • Short-term rental market research (including occupancy rates, competitive trends, average nightly rates, and more). 
  • Smart pricing and rental pricing strategy
  • Potential earnings calculations

2. Rabbu, Inc. 

Rabbu is a few Airbnb calculator that helps you determine your potential revenue at any given address. Using Rabbu, you can easily and efficiently complete thorough revenue projections and receive the following results from your searches:

  • Revenue estimates
  • Market data
  • Properties for sale

Airbnb Locks

Keeping your Airbnb secure is fundamental for both guest safety and satisfaction. When picking out locks for your Airbnb, prioritize products that operate automatically and remotely, as well as offer customization options for different guests and visitors. 

Leverage these two awesome tools for automated and remote Airbnb lock management:

1. Schlage Locks

Schlage Locks is a top provider of high-quality locks, including Smart Locks and electronic locks. By choosing Schlage Locks as your lock provider, you can select from a wide range of Smart Locks that can be easily, remotely, and securely accessed through WiFi or mobile apps. 

Schlage Locks offers the following Smart Lock options: 

  • Schlage Encode Plus with Smart WiFi Deadbolt
  • Schlage Encode with Smart WiFi Deadbolt
  • Schlage Encode with Smart WiFi Lever
  • Schlage Encode with Smart Deadbolt

2. Yale Digital

Yale Digital is an excellent lock provider for enhancing your Airbnb’s security and accessibility. Offering a tremendous range of different locks, Yale Digital has everything you need to choose the best possible Smart Lock with all the features you want. 

Smart Lock products offered by Yale Digital include:

  • Yale Assure Lock 2 with Keypad Entry
  • Yale Assure Lock 2 with Fingerprint Access
  • Yale Assure Lock 2 Plus with Apple Home Key

Noise Level Monitoring

Depending on the location of your Airbnb, you may need to monitor your guests’ noise levels to ensure they align with community standards. The key to doing so is using the right tools that help you monitor noise without invading your guests’ privacy. 

The following two tools can be installed in your STR to help alert you to noise levels: 

1. Minut

Minut is a home sensor that can integrate with Airbnb, Kasa, Guesty, BookingSync, Breezeway, Smoobu, and other key platforms. With Minut, you can detect noise and other key factors, such as occupancy, to ensure the safety of your property and guests.

Features offered by Minut include:

  • Noise and occupancy monitoring
  • Cigarette detection
  • Outdoor noise, temperature, and humidity monitoring
  • Guest experience

2. Noise Aware

Noise Aware is a noise sensor that offers full property coverage for both outdoor and indoor spaces. With Noise Aware, you can receive automatic alerts and ensure your guests are complying with all noise and occupancy requirements you have in place.

Features available through Noise Aware include:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Automatic resolutions with automated messages to guests
  • Crowd control capabilities

Airbnb Security Cameras

Along with advanced lock technology, you can further enhance your Airbnb’s security with a security camera. This can help you not only monitor your guests but also cleaning crews and vendors who come and go from your property between stays.

When it comes to security cameras for your Airbnb, it doesn’t get much better than the Ring camera.

Let’s take a look at the key features Ring cameras have to offer:

1. Ring

Ring cameras are renowned for their advanced technology and security capabilities. Easily installed on the exterior or interior of your property, Ring cameras can monitor activity and send automated alerts to your mobile device when anyone approaches the property’s front door. 

Check out Ring’s wide range of security camera products on the Ring website

Smart Thermostat For Airbnb

To keep your Airbnb at a comfortable temperature — and to avoid unnecessarily high utility bills — invest in smart thermostat technology. With a smart thermostat, you can remotely monitor and adjust your Airbnb’s internal temperature while the property is vacant. 

Keep your Airbnb at a comfortable temperature with these two tools:

1. Google Nest

Google offers a wide range of products for managing a property’s internal settings, including Nest thermostats for keeping the property at a consistent comfortable temperature. Plus, Google offers a variety of Nest thermostats that you can easily access, monitor, and control from your mobile device.

Visit Google’s webstore today to view all Nest products

2. Honeywell

Honeywell is a leading provider of sustainable technologies, designing products for both commercial and residential uses. With Honeywell, you can install a thermostat that you can program and monitor remotely to keep your Airbnb’s internal temperature within a suitable range.

Check out Honeywell’s full range of thermostat products on the Honeywell website. 

Finding Airbnb Cleaners

Finding reliable and high-quality cleaning crews is essential for any Airbnb host. While there may not be many dedicated apps or platforms for finding cleaners, using a few clever keywords and local connections can help you find the best cleaning crews in your area. 

The three tools below have been many hosts’ key to success in finding local Airbnb cleaners: 

1. Turno for Cleaners

Turno (formerly TurnoverBnB Cleaner App) is a mobile app that helps Airbnb hosts and other vacation rental owners connect with quality cleaning crews. Through Turno, you can find cleaning crews and enjoy automated scheduling for your utmost convenience.

Check out the Turno website for more information.  

2. Google Search & Facebook Groups

Google Search and Facebook Groups are not dedicated platforms for finding Airbnb cleaners — instead, these platforms rely on keyword searches to find relevant resources and providers.

On Google, the best way to find cleaners is by searching the term “Cleaners” plus a location-specific keyword. For example, if you are operating an Airbnb out of Atlanta, you could search for “Cleaners in Midtown Atlanta” to produce results for cleaners nearby your Airbnb’s neighborhood.

As for Facebook Groups, the best method is to seek out local groups comprised of fellow Airbnb hosts or vacation rental owners. Through these groups, you can ask for property management advice, including recommendations for the best local cleaners. 

Customer Data Capture

Capturing customer data can be the key to establishing a returning clientele for your Airbnb business. However, you need the right tools that can legally capture this data and automatically provide you with your guests’ contact details for future stays and bookings. 

The following tool allows you to capture your customer’s information and keep in touch easily:

1. StayFi

StayFi is a WiFi and guest marketing platform. Through StayFi, hosts can brand their WiFi, collect guest data, and increase direct bookings. Plus, StayFi helps ensure that a property has a high-quality WiFi connection that both guests and property owners can rely on. 

Visit the StayFi website today to view additional features and get started. 

SEO For Airbnb

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in the discoverability of your listing on the Airbnb platform. As such, you need the proper tools for improving your SEO and getting your listing in front of more potential guests’ eyes. 

Become an Airbnb SEO pro with the following tool:

1. RankBreeze

RankBreeze is the ultimate SEO platform for Airbnb listings. To help you maximize your bookings, RankBreeze analyzes competitors and aids you in reverse-engineering the top-performing properties on the Airbnb platform. Features offered through RankBreeze include:

  • Listing optimization
  • Property pricing
  • Market monitoring
  • Booking data tracking and analysis
  • A/B testing

Check out the RankBreeze website for more information. 

Airbnb Digital Guidebook

Building a custom digital guidebook for your Airbnb helps enhance your guests’ experience and ensures they have all the resources they need for a great vacation. 

Support your guests experience with this excellent digital guidebook tool:

1. Touch Stay

Touch Stay is the ultimate resource for creating a beautiful and insightful digital guidebook for your Airbnb guests. Through Touch Stay, you can:

  • Share practical information and recommendations
  • Easily update your guidebook content
  • Help guests plan their stay with pre-arrival access
  • Translate your guidebook into multiple languages
  • Save your guidebook as a PDF 

Discover the guidebook magic of Touch Stay today with a 14-day free trial

Final Thoughts

Finding the right tools to optimize your Airbnb management strategy is vital.

With the help of all of the above-discussed tools, you can streamline your Airbnb management process to improve your guests’ experiences, boost revenue, and so much more!

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